The clinic has an agreement with the Danish health care system

Group 1

Patients are received with a referral obtained from their own doctor. The referral has to be available electronically before we can book a patient into our system.

Group 2

Patients are not required to have a referral. The patients themselves pay for the treatment.

Health insurance:

If the patient or the workplace of the patient has a health insurance policy the patient will be able to get an examination and treatment with an agreement with the insurance company.

Foreign patients:

Will need to pay for the examination and treatment, unless you have a danish social security number. Cash or bank transferrals are optional. Credit card are not accepted.

STest results and renewal of prescriptions:

We always offer test results by email, but if the patient wishes to receive the test result by phone the lines are open from 8:30 to 9:00 (appointments cannnot be made in this period of time).

Waiting period:

The length of the waiting period depends on the issue at hand. If a malignant disease is suspected, we offer a quick booking with a short waiting period. Also, with early pregnancy problems and induced abortions we normally offer an appointment within 48 hours.
Concerning other issues the waiting period will be longer.

NB: Concerning hormone spirals bought in pharmacies after December 2013:

Because of the new regulations from the Health Board a replacement spiral is NOT offered on the part of the manufacturer in cases in which the insertion at the gynecologist failed/couldn't be completed. Any new hormone spiral is paid for by the patient.